Andrey Akinshin

Performance methodologist at JetBrains, creator of BenchmarkDotNet, ex-postdoc at the Weizmann Institute of Science

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Enterprise programming

Favorite languages: C#, Kotlin, R, LaTeX
Specialization: performance, benchmarking, statistics, algorithms

Perpetuum Software LLC / Enterra, Inc / Adaptive technologies
  • 09/2010–08/2011: Junior Software Developer
  • 09/2011–01/2013: Software Developer
  • 02/2013–09/2016: Lead Software Developer
  • 10/2015–12/2020: Software Developer (Rider)
  • 01/2021–03/2022: Performance Lead (Rider)
Huawei Research
  • 06/2022–09/2022: Mathematician
  • 11/2022–04/2024: Senior Performance Engineer (.NET Department)
  • 05/2024–Present: Performance Methodologist

Competitive programming

Selected contests (2002-2009)


PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science (since 2013)

Erdős number: 4 (A. AkinshinMR3716100Y. YomdinMR2232733M. RubinMR1786142R. BonnetMR0373945P. Erdős)

Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS, Laboratory of Inverse Problems of Mathematical Physics (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • 08/2012–06/2014: Engineer
  • 07/2014–12/2016: Research scientist
Areas of expertise: mathematical biology, gene networks, differential equations with delayed argument, bifurcation theory.
Selected scholarships and grants:
  • 01/2012–12/2014: The grant RFBR 12-01-00074 “Direct and inverse problems of gene networks mathematical modeling”
  • 07/2012–07/2014: The scholarships SP-561.2012.5 of the President of Russian Federation, direction: “Strategic information technology, including the creation of supercomputers and software development” (“Numerical methods for modeling and analyzing of gene networks”)
  • 01/2015–12/2017: The grant RFBR 15-01-00745 A “Dynamic characteristics of gene networks models”
  • 01/2018-12/2020: The grant RFBR 18-01-00057 A “Ring structures in gene network models”

Weizmann Institute of Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Rehovot, Israel)
  • 10/2014–09/2016: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Areas of expertise: digital signal processing, Fourier transform, Gibbs phenomenon, Prony systems.


  • 09/2006–05/2012: Coach of competitive programming and mathematics teams in Barnaul Gymnasium №42
  • 09/2009–09/2016: Senior lecturer of computer science and mathematics in Altai Economics and Law Institute, Department of general mathematical and scientific disciplines
  • 09/2011–11/2011: Lecturer under the Russian federal program F-263 №4 “Specialized training and retraining of specialists at the centers of education and development in information technology”


I.I. Polzunov Altai state technical university, Faculty of Information Technologies (Barnaul, Russia)

Certificates and Awards

Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017-2018
  • 2018-2019
Russian state registration certificates of Computer Programs
  • Phase Portrait Analyzer (№2013660415)
    Software for analyzing of some nonlinear differential equation system
  • Neuro Biomarker Analyzer (№2015612396)
    Software for the diagnostic and prognostic values evaluation of biochemical parameters of serum biomarkers in peripheral blood for the differential diagnosis of neurological syndromes of lumbar degenerative disc disease
MicrosoftCoursera: The Data Science Specialization
  1. The Data Scientist’s Toolbox: certificate (verifiable)
  2. R Programming: certificate (verifiable)
  3. Getting and Cleaning Data: certificate (verifiable)
  4. Exploratory Data Analysis: certificate (verifiable)
  5. Reproducible Research: certificate (verifiable)
  6. Statistical Inference: certificate (verifiable)
  7. Regression Models: certificate (verifiable)
  8. Practical Machine Learning: certificate (verifiable)
  9. Developing Data Products: certificate (verifiable)
  10. Data Science Capstone: certificate (verifiable)