Library / Theory-Testing in Psychology and physics: A Methodological Paradox


Paul E Meehl “Theory-testing in psychology and physics: A methodological paradox” (1967) // Philosophy of science. Publisher: Cambridge University Press. Vol. 34. No 2. Pp. 103–115.


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Quotes (1)

Eager-Beaver Researchers

Meanwhile our eager-beaver researcher, undismayed by logic-of-science considerations and relying blissfully on the “exactitude” of modem statistical hypothesis-testing, has produced a long publication list and been promoted to a full professorship. In terms of his contribution to the enduring body of psychological knowledge, he has done hardly anything. His true position is that of a potent-but-sterile intellectual rake, who leaves in his merry path a long train of ravished maidens but no viable scientific offspring.

First, I found this quote in the paper itself, next rediscovered it in Statistics Done Wrong.