List of Boring Activities

During a monthlong experiment I intentionally made myself bored for an hour a day. In that period I shut off all distractions and spent my time and attention on an excruciatingly boring task, based on the thirty weirdest ideas suggested by my website readers:

  1. Reading the iTunes terms and conditions
  2. Staringattheceiling
  3. Watching C-SPAN 3
  4. Waiting on hold with Air Canada’s baggage claim department
  5. Watching C-SPAN 2
  6. Watching my turtle, Edward, swim back and forth in her tank
  7. Staringataslowlyrotatingfanblade
  8. Painting a tiny canvas with one color
  9. Watchingpaintdry
  10. Looking out my office window
  11. Removing and counting the seeds on a strawberry with a pair of tweezers 12.Watching grass grow
  12. Staring out a train window
  13. Watching an online chess tournament
  14. Watching one cloud in the sky
  15. Waiting at the hospital
  16. Watching a dripping faucet
  17. Ironing every piece of clothing I own
  18. Counting the 0s in the first 10,000 digits of pi
  19. Watching my girlfriend read
  20. Making dots on a sheet of paper
  21. Eating alone in a restaurant, without a book or phone
  22. Reading Wikipedia articles about rope
  23. Watching a clock
  24. Watching every file transfer from my computer to an external hard drive (and back)
  25. Peeling exactly five potatoes
  26. Watching a pot boil
  27. Attending a church service in Latin
  28. Watching C-SPAN
  29. Moving small rocks from one place to another, repeatedly
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