Notes / Pragmatic Statistics

Statistics is one of the most confusing, controversial, and depressing disciplines. So many different approaches, so many different opinions, so many arguments, so many person-years of wasted time, and so many flawed peer-reviewed papers.

What we want from statistics is an easy-to-use tool that would nudge us toward asking the right questions and then straightforwardly guide us on how to design proper and relevant statistical procedures. What we have is a bunch of vaguely described sets of strange equations, a few arbitrarily chosen magical numbers as thresholds, and no clear understanding of what to do.

In the scientific community, there are a lot of adherents of Frequentist statistics (both Neyman-Pearson and Fisherian), Bayesian statistics, Likelihood statistics, Nonparametric statistics, Robust statistics, and many other statistics. And almost no one discusses Pragmatic statistics. We make our attempt to introduce such a concept.


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