BenchmarkDotNet V0.10.13

BenchmarkDotNet v0.10.13 has been released! This release includes:

  • Mono Support for DisassemblyDiagnoser: Now you can easily get an assembly listing not only on .NET Framework/.NET Core, but also on Mono. It works on Linux, macOS, and Windows (Windows requires installed cygwin with obj and as). (See #541)
  • Support ANY CoreFX and CoreCLR builds: BenchmarkDotNet allows the users to run their benchmarks against ANY CoreCLR and CoreFX builds. You can compare your local build vs MyGet feed or Debug vs Release or one version vs another. (See #651)
  • C# 7.2 support (See #643)
  • .NET 4.7.1 support (See 28aa94)
  • Support Visual Basic project files (.vbroj) targeting .NET Core (See #626)
  • DisassemblyDiagnoser now supports generic types (See #640)
  • Now it’s possible to benchmark both Mono and .NET Core from the same app (See #653)
  • Many bug fixes (See details below)

Milestone details

In the v0.10.13 scope, 15 issues were resolved and 9 pull requests where merged. This release includes 50 commits by 8 contributors.

Resolved issues (15)

  • #541 Mono Support for DisassemblyDiagnoser (assignee: @morgan-kn)
  • #614 Build fails with “‘Microsoft.NETCore.App’, version ‘1.1.2’ was not found” probably due to 1.1.4 runtime not being available
  • #626 Support Visual Basic project files (.vbroj) targeting .NET Core (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #630 Bug: Statistics.DivMean - NullReferenceException (assignee: @AndreyAkinshin)
  • #631 Bug: Generic benchmark class fails for DisassemblyDiagnoser with “Sequence contains no matching element” (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #632 ParamsSource no longer sorted in results (assignee: @AndreyAkinshin)
  • #634 Extend SummaryOrderPolicy (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #636 Unable to run Runner.exe –method MethodName (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #640 Disassembler fails with generic instance (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #643 Feature ‘private protected’ is not available in C# 7.0. Please use language version 7.2 or greater. (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #644 BenchmarkDotNet.Mathematics.RankHelper again. (assignee: @AndreyAkinshin)
  • #648 BenchmarkDotNet requires dotnet cli toolchain to be installed (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #651 Support ANY CoreFX and CoreCLR builds (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #652 BenchmarkSwitcher should support generic types with parameterless public ctors (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #653 Proper way to run BenchmarkDotNet on macOS/Linux (assignee: @adamsitnik)

Merged pull requests (9)

  • #624 Upgrade build tools (by @Ky7m)
  • #625 Fix xunit warnings connected to usage of Assert.Equal() to check for Null (by @Ky7m)
  • #633 HostEnvironmentInfo: remove LogicalCoreCount (by @morgan-kn)
  • #637 Mono Support for DisassemblyDiagnoser #541 (by @morgan-kn)
  • #639 Portability.Cpu tests improvements (by @morgan-kn)
  • #642 sync DataContracts to CopiedDataContracts (by @morgan-kn)
  • #645 Fixing –help display for options (by @ENikS)
  • #646 Allow sorting by the Method name in DefaultOrderProvider and OrderProviderAttribute (by @ENikS)
  • #666 Plots…Examples…Added A config example in F# (by @ScottHutchinson)

Commits (50)

Contributors (8)

Thank you very much!