BenchmarkDotNet v0.10.14

BenchmarkDotNet v0.10.14 has been released! This release includes:

  • Per-method parameterization (Read more)
  • Console histograms and multimodal disribution detection (Read more)
  • Many improvements for Mono disassembly support on Windows (A blog post is coming soon)
  • Many bugfixes

In the v0.10.14 scope, 8 issues were resolved and 11 pull requests where merged. This release includes 47 commits by 8 contributors.

Resolved issues (8)

Merged pull requests (11)

Commits (47)

Contributors (8)

Thank you very much!

References (1)

  1. Cross-runtime .NET disassembly with BenchmarkDotNet (2018-04-10) 1