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I have just published a preprint of a paper ‘Weighted quantile estimators’. It’s based on a series of my research notes that I have been writing since September 2020.

The paper preprint is available on arXiv: arXiv:2304.07265 [stat.ME]. The paper source code is available on GitHub: AndreyAkinshin/paper-wqe. You can cite it as follows:


In this paper, we consider a generic scheme that allows building weighted versions of various quantile estimators, such as traditional quantile estimators based on linear interpolation of two order statistics, the Harrell-Davis quantile estimator and its trimmed modification. The obtained weighted quantile estimators are especially useful in the problem of estimating a distribution at the tail of a time series using quantile exponential smoothing. The presented approach can also be applied to other problems, such as quantile estimation of weighted mixture distributions.

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