Pro .NET Benchmarking


Learn how to measure application performance and analyze the results!

Use this in-depth guide to correctly design benchmarks, measure key performance metrics of .NET applications, and analyze results. This book presents dozens of case studies to help you understand complicated benchmarking topics. You will avoid common pitfalls, control the accuracy of your measurements, and improve performance of your software. Author Andrey Akinshin has maintained BenchmarkDotNet (the most popular .NET library for benchmarking) for five years and covers common mistakes that developers usually make in their benchmarks. This book includes not only .NET-specific content but also essential knowledge about performance measurements which can be applied to any language or platform (common benchmarking methodology, statistics, and low-level features of modern hardware). With this book, you will learn:
  • Be aware of the best practices for writing benchmarks and performance tests
  • Avoid the common benchmarking pitfalls
  • Know the hardware and software factors that affect application performance
  • Analyze performance measurements


The book contains nine chapters:


How to cite: Akinshin, Andrey. Pro .NET Benchmarking. Apress, 2019.

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