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To Refactor Or Not To Refactor?

I like refactoring. No, I love refactoring. No, not even like this. I awfully love refactoring.

I hate bad code and bad architecture. I feel quite creepy when I design a new feature and the near-by class contains absolute mess. I just can’t look at the sadly-looking variables. Sometimes before falling asleep I close my eyes and imagine what could be improved in the project. Sometimes I wake up at 3:00AM and go to my computer to improve something. I want to have not just code, but a masterpiece that is pleasant to look at, that is pleasant to work with at any stage of the project.

If you just a little bit share my feelings we have something to talk about. The matter is that over some time something inside me began to hint that it’s a bad idea to refactor all code, everywhere and all the time. Understand me correctly – code should be good (even better when it’s ideal), but in real life it’s not reasonable to improve code instantly. I formed some rules about the refactoring timeliness. If I am itching to improve something, I look at these rules and think “Is that the moment when I need to refactor the code?” So, let’s talk about when refactoring is necessary and when it’s inappropriate.

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To Add Comments or Not to Add?

A really good comment is the one you managed to avoid. (c) Uncle Bob

Lately, I’ve been feeling really tired of hot discussions on if it’s necessary to add comments in the code. As a rule, there are self-confident juniors with the indisputable statement as: “Why not to comment it, it will be unreadable without the comments!” on one side. And experienced seniors are on the other side. They understand that if it’s possible to go without the comments than “You better, damn it, do it in this way!” Probably, many developers got comment cravings since they’ve been students when professors made them comment every code line, “to make the student better understand it”. Real projects shouldn’t contain a lot of comments that only spoil the code. I don’t agitate for avoiding comments at all, but if you managed to write the code that doesn’t need comments, you can consider it your small victory. I would like to refer you to some good books that helped form my position. I like and respect these authors and completely share their opinion.

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Perfect code and real projects

I’ve got a problem. I am a perfectionist. I like perfect code. This is not only the correct way to develop applications but also the real proficiency. I enjoy reading a good listing not less than reading a good book. Developing architecture of a big project is no simpler than designing architecture of a big building. In case the work is good the result is no less beautiful. I am sometimes fascinated by how elegantly the patterns are entwined in the perfect software system. I am delighted by the attention to details when every method is so simple and understandable that can be a classic sample of the perfect code.

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